Combating violence against women – Comparative evaluation of FOKUS' projects on VAW 2005–2012

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  • NIBR-rapport

Document type

Publication date

  • 2013

Series/Report no

  • NIBR-rapport 2013:2


  • Norsk institutt for by- og regionforskning



  • 978-82-7071-970-9


  • 1502-9794

Page Number

  • 151.0


  • FOKUS' projects to combat VAW have enabled organisations in a wide variety of countries to keep up and strengthen their advocacy work and capacity-building. Project results are mainly attributable to the South partners' capabilities. The partnerships with Norwegian organisations have created little in terms of interaction effects. The evaluation recommends a new model in which the South partners get access to a broader interface with Norwegian experiences than hitherto.