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Alternative kompensasjonsordninger for næringslivet med vekt på lønnsutgifter – anslagsvise beregninger av fordelings- og insentiveffekter

Markussen, Simen, Natvik, Gisle J, Wulfsberg, Fredrik ( 2020-05-27)

Air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in China: An unsustainable situation in search of a solution

Vennemo, Haakon, Aunan, Kristin ( 2016)

Narrowing time windows to study effects of tax policies on GDP and the underground economy: Italy 1982 to 2006

Seip, Knut Lehre, Orsi, Renzo ( 2017)

Comparing sentiment and behavioral based leading indexes for industrial production in Germany: A novel running local test

Seip, Knut Lehre, Schröder, Michael, Yunus, Yilmaz ( 2017)

Does tax reduction have an effect on gross domestic product? An empirical investigation

Seip, Knut Lehre ( 2017)

Price Dispersion and the Role of Stores

Moen, Espen, Wulfsberg, Fredrik, Aas, Øyvind Nilsen ( 2017)

Delegation of Regulation

Nilssen, Tore, Kundu, Tapas ( 2017)

Har vi klart å spare oljeinntektene?

Wulfsberg, Fredrik ( 2018)

Integration and Competition for Innovations in Science-Based Industries

Kundu, Tapas, Moon, Seongwuk ( 2017)